That thing that I do

Being back in uni has taught me two things. One, my hometown is so soul-suckingly dull that all people aged teen or above should leave immediately before all their creativity and general madness crumbles to dust. Secondly, I suck at remembering. Not trivial things like putting the kettle on and forgetting about it so I couldn’t have a cup of tea (I did that so many times the other day it is saddening) but immediately forgetting that the email I just read told me I didn’t have to be in at 9. Ok, so it’s still a trivial little thing but isn’t that what sharing on the internet is all about?

My personal favorite thing that I forget is when I’m inevitably just relaxing and having a good time, being all cool and groovy, when suddenly BOOM! Oh my god, where’s my phone?! Yes, I am one of them. The serial phone-losers. I frantically search my bag, jeans pockets and coat pockets only to find that, oops, I’d put it in my coat’s LEFT pocket and not the right like I though! Hurr durr. Just give me a “my name is” sticker and call me Dory.


This post brought to you by lack of sleep, loud alarm clocks at unreasonable hours and no lectures for the unobservant.


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