Song lyrics that amuse me greatly

So, as I sit here procrastinating and just generally taking up space in the flat, a thought has occurred to me. It is not a new one, I’ve had it many times before. The thought was just how many of the song I regularly listen to or happen to hear usually some naff but irritatingly catchy pop-nonsense in the charts have made me laugh by having rather daft sounding lyrics? Some songs floating around in the world have been made great by their beautiful, deep, and sometimes thought-provoking lyrics. Others, not so much. I thought I would share some of my personal favourites with you guys. Aren’t you lucky?

1. “Got mad, walked home, hair got frizzy” – Tricky by Prozzak

This line gets me every time. So the story is that Simon is walking us through his life, focusing on an average day, a party, and a past relationship. This lyric comes in after Simon has walked out of a party and ended up at a nightclub being told that he has to pay an entry fee for him and several girlies he met on his way there.

2. “Tom and Jerry and Scooby doo” – Bang Bang by Will.I.Am

This line, like many many others in Will.I.Am’s arsenal, makes no sense in context, and I love it despite that. In this ectro-swing style tune, Will.I.Am is declaring his love for some female or other I assume when suddenly he starts listing his favourite childhood cartoon characters.

3. Anything in Summer Girls by LFO.

This song is a notorious train wreck. I love it to bits.

4. “I’ve woken up in the bath again. Oh God, it’s full of gin!” – Oh Geoffery! by Professor Elemental

Ok, so I’m cheating a little by putting anything by the prof in here as his style of rap is deliberately humourous. However, this particular line stood out as it caught me completely off guard and had me laughing so loud I got stared by everyone in my general vicinity. Not my proudest moment.

5. “I used to be a socialist, a sort of communist, now I’m a pessimist and I don’t care at all.” – Pour Decisions by The Real McKenzies

Scottish folk-punk is a whole lot of fun and these guys are on my list of greats. That is all.

I’m not sure why these lyrics made me laugh but I’m glad they did. I thought I would have more from the pop charts but while I laughed at how dumb some of them are, none of them really stuck. Oh well! Maybe some other time.


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