Word nerdery

The English language, like the people that use it, is a little messed up and confusing. We all know the “if ‘box’ > ‘boxes’ why is ‘ox’ > ‘oxen’ not ‘oxes’?” and don’t even get me started on the “octopus” and “platypus” debate. In this language that has evolved by stealing from others that invaded, English has survived, grown stronger and confused us all with it’s rules. Having spoken it all my life, I’ve grown fond of and adopted some words as my favourites. Plural, because there are SO many to choose from! I have two categories: favourite  words due to their meanings and favourite sounding words.

I have two favourite words in the meanings category.

1. Floccinaucinihilipilification – an estimation of something as worthless

I first discovered this while watching the webseries “Demyx Time” on Youtube and so my love of this word began. It’s difficult to find ways of fitting it into everyday conversations but it has always topped my list of favourites.

2. Defenestrate – to throw someone or something out of a window

We have a word for that emotion that sometimes burns with a fiery passion! I enjoy fantasizing about the various way to take vengeance on those who have wronged or irritated me yeah,yeah, I have issues. Tell me something I don’t know. Adding this word to my arsenal has allowed me to expand my horizons. I like finding ways to used it in everyday conversation too! 

The current long-standing favourite in the sound category is:

Poignant – bringing a strong sense of sadness/ regret

It’s fun to say, what more could you possibly want?

So, there you go, my favourite words. I hope this useless information was informative and will make you think more about which words you enjoy using or knowing. Or not. I’m not your mum.


2 thoughts on “Word nerdery

  1. The english language is pretty messed up when you break it down xD. Good to grow up with it so you don’t have to learn it later! I love your favourite words. Hadn’t even heard of those meaning ones before, ahah

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