Being incredibly lazy

Procrastinate – to delay, put off or avoiding doing something

A worderful word. Very fitting for the majority of people aged 0 – dead, I feel. We’ve all been there. You have something you’re supposed to be doing, cleaning for example, and you just can’t bring yourself to do it. Whole days, sometimes even weeks are spent going “yeaaaaaah, I should be doing that…. Oh look! The internet/ book I’ve been meaning to read/ my notebook” ect ect for all of eternity.

This is a relevant post because my life is filled to the brim with procrastination. Do the washing up? Naaaaaaah, I still have one mug that’s clean. Unpack after the Christmas holidays? Nope, I know where everything is right now, it’s in that one bag! Tidy my desk, but why? I have a laptop and space to sit on my bed.

I am a disgusting human being.

I procrastinate doing some stuff for reasons that don’t really make a whole lot of sense. Not giving someone their present for ages because you wonder if they will like it. Getting to lectures by the skin of my teeth because I didn’t want to have to sit and wait for the lecture to start. Avoiding work. Why? Because deadlines are evil.

And now I present to you my favourite ways to procrastinate:

  • Talk to people online
  • Watch videos on Youtube
  • Surf into the depths of the internet
  • Dance like no one is watching
  • Listen to music can I get any more generic with these?
  • Eat
  • Do other things I’ve been procrastinating doing

It’s been a slow day, can you tell? I’m sorry. I love you. Forgive me.


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