Thank you Lofty’s

After moving to university, I didn’t really go out during Fresher’s. I’m not very good with change so I decided to just take my time to settle in and get used to living alone. I got to know some of the locals and we had a few laughs. This is when I was introduced to Lofty’s. A nice little cocktail bar in Preston with the works. Soft lighting, great atmosphere, three floors, electro-swing or something with a nice beat, and some AMAZING cocktails. House mixes designed by the mixologists themselves, custom mixes that can be entered into a book for future ordering, and surprise mixes where the staff makes a new one up on the spot, just for you. They have a CARRIAGE and a hot air balloon basket attached to the CEILING! The place is amazing and I fell in love instantly.

The masquerade hosted by Lofty’s in collaboration with The Haberdash

Thanks to an awesome events company, The Haberdash, I’ve been able to get all dressed up and enjoy Lofty’s multiple times and it’s fabulous cocktails. The Halloween event was jaw-dropping! The Haberdash provided all the actors and decorations, which were, you guessed it, amazing! On the top floor was a mad scientist’s lab where a dissection was being conducted. Complete with a chainsaw. The main floor featured a fortune teller, the magician, main bar, dance floor (if you could get to it!) and the Plague doctor. Taller than any mortal man or woman in the building, silent and creepy beyond belief. He was my favourite. Lofty’s itself was decked up in cobwebs with a delicious free cocktail on entry. The place was packed and the music was great and, as always, the cocktails were fabulous. Good times.

Your cocktails are delicous and I enjoy them greatly. Thank you Lofty’s for being my main source of alcohol! I can not express my love for you enough.


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