How to fail with flying colours

When I mention failure, I find people normally associate it with not achieving something like a passing grade or being able to get a decent job. The failure I’m referring to is not this kind. I’m referring to my inability to stay healthy and well.

Some of this, I should mention, is not my fault. I have a long term tiredness illness as a side-effect of having Glandular Fever in my last year of high school.That said, I don’t do much to help matters. I still go to events or out with friends after a long week when, really, I should be in bed, resting up. I am not a clever person. This does not help me in the coming week and usually builds until I have to take a couple of days to just lie in bed and try to sleep.

Also not helping push the healthy bandwagon is the fact that I rarely exercise. Sure I walk into town a minimum of once a week but that’s only 15 minutes and walk across campus on a regular basis I can make it to most buildings in 10 minutes, give or take but I don’t do anything specifically designed to get my heart rate up. Unless you count leaving my flat last minute to go to a lecture. I used to dance, swim, and do things that involved effort but then I got poorly. And lazy. Eating food that is not nutritional balanced does not help matters either.

Today I went and did this again by having family and friends up to visit, wandering around all day and now going out for drinks. I’m gonna be dead tomorrow. Oh well.


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