A rant: people

My head feels naff and people have ticked me off once too often this week. This is a petty, bitchy post and I apologise in advance.

PEOPLE! Goodness, you bipedal homo sapiens frustrate, confuse, irritate and annoy me. Sometimes you make me feel happy and amuse me too. I have stated before that I do not understand you and recently I have come to stating to various people who engage in vocal interactions with me on a daily basis that I do not pretend to. We are all many shades of strange and different kinds of broken. These are some of the people who continually irritate me with their existence.

You, that one guy on the bus/ train that feels the need to play music out of your phone and talk so obnoxiously loud that I wish to crush your phone under the heel of my favourite combat boots. Yes, you. Knock it off.

Will the walking stereotype of angsty teenagers with issues please quit making out next to me and/ or being so dramatic? I appreciate that your pink and blonde fringe has needs to entwine itself with the dyed black bird’s nest that is your boyfriend. I understand that you have given this guy a free pass for cheating on you because you have less  brain cells than a mop. And no, what you’re feeling is more than likely not love. You are fourteen years old. What you are feeling is LUST. They are pretty attractive to you and possibly make you laugh but you are unlikely to spend all of eternity together seeing as you are both products of high school and the temporary insanity that is teenage-dom. Enjoy the chaos that ensues. Don’t worry, it usually gets better once you leave high school.

Hey, lady with the crying baby! Please try to pay attention to your spawn instead of bickering screaming at your boyfriend in the middle of the street. You are making me and everyone else uncomfortable not to mention I think your offspring needs you more than Captain jogging bottoms over here.


Let’s just hope that tomorrow is a better day for for me, and all of us.


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