Feeling good

After being a miserable creature for about a week, mostly due to being irritated by most people, I decided to try and cheer myself up. Everyone has their own thing that makes them feel better. For some it’s playing an instrument, going outside for a long walk, cooking some good food, watching a nostalgic movie, reading a good book or just having a few drinks. My default method is to talk to someone or hang out but sometimes that just doesn’t feel right or isn’t possible. So, I present to you my personal methods of getting out of a bad mood.

Just before I actually talk about feel-good habits I wanted to say that I try not to eat or drink when I feel rough. I’m a worry wart, a well known fact, and I’ve noticed I tend to pick up habits and behaviours rather quickly. So I avoid comfort eating/ drinking during the bad-feeling times. And now we move on to the rest of the post!

Guess what? I like music oh really? no one ever would have been able to guess from your previous posts and music has been scientifically proven to alter your mood. Yay for feel-good music! My current feel-good tune is “Do You Wanna Dance” – Ramones. I have mentioned before that I love my punk and the Ramones are classic delicious goodness. If you’re not feeling so hot maybe give it a listen or y’know maybe not. Maybe some random pop female’s self-empowerment song is more your style. I’m not judging.

Related to music in a pretty obvious way, I enjoy dancing and miming along to a song or two when I’m feeling naff. It gets my heart rate up, sends some endorphins rushing around, and sometimes it’s just a nice little stress release. And yes, I count jumping up and down to high school classics as dancing.

Also kind of music related is that when I’ve not been feeling so great I occasionally just need to get out of the flat. Going for a walk has the same effects as dancing like a maniac only with more wind blowing hair into my face and more room. Sometimes the aim of my walks is just to get as faraway as possible from what’s currently stressing me out. Sometimes they are just to wander around town on my own, window shopping and just enjoying being surrounded by people. I’ve never hated my own company so it can be nice just to cut myself off and just watch life from the sidelines.

Now that I’ve cheered myself up, I’m off to what is in essence a real-life version of Cluedo. Woo!


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