Thoughts and things

I think too much too often. I’ll often think over and over a past event, nitpicking them, my actions, and things I and other people said. Other times my thoughts are work, and usually stress, related. Sometimes they follow patterns and sometimes they make no sense at all. I’ve just been known to have a phrase flash into my mind with an idea that is relevant to nothing and seemingly appeared from nowhere. Like naming a brand of  pastel coloured toys “Marshmallow teddies”. What?

It has been discovered that my brain thinks about music a lot, which I hadn’t really noticed before starting this blog. Along this train of thought are things like: “Clockwork wings” would be a cool song or album title for anyone in the alternate scene, and “The Silence at Midnight” sounds like an emo band name. Equally pretentious names have also occurred to me before but that’s just a whole other level of dopey that we won’t try and deal with now.

I’ve made myself laugh in the past with certain sentences that happened to pop either into my brain or fallen out of my mouth. When discussing diets, fitness routines and women’s bodies I decided to state,without a second thought, “I have the figure of a muffin”. Or when I tried to explain how I make slightly less obvious connections between topics with the sentence “Y’know how most people have a train of thought? Well, I have a rocket-powered shopping trolley with a wonky wheel”. As proven on a daily basis. Or the threats that were discovered in the depths of my mind one day in high school and have stuck with me since: “I will kill you with a brick/spoon”.

Heaven help me, I’m going to be an interesting old lady one day.


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