How to awesomely suck at growing up

Getting older is something you look forward to as a munchkin. You can’t wait to grow up to go to high school and once there you wondered why you would curse yourself like that, you want to be seen as independent. Then you want to be seen as a teenager because currently you’re just a kid and teenagers always seem like these really cool people. So delusional. Once you’re a teen you want to be eighteen so you can drink and smoke legally and be considered an adult. But past this point people look jealously back at the new wave of youth looking jealously up at them. Personally, I never cared much for growing up after my teenage years. With age comes responsibility and who wants that? Not me, nor do I intend to age with grace.

My aim in life is to became the batty but lovable auntie to my brother’s spawn. Y’know the woman who seems a little mad but always gives cool hugs and presents? The one your friends always seem to have and you wish you had. Her. In order to become the forever-a-fruitcake I will fight to the death anyone who tells me to grow up. I can’t re-watch some awful girly cartoons from my childhood because I’m an “adult” now? Screw that. Wearing cat ears is childish? I made them and I intend to make use of them, thank you! I can’t truly be a fan of a franchise because I’ll be too old? Have you ever BEEN to a comic book convention? Or happen to know the story behind the Doctor Who reboot? Nay? Then shut yer trap, you miserable old thing. Much love to the nerds out there, you guys rock.

I enjoy arts and crafts way too much too. If there is stamps, glitter and multi-coloured card involved count me in! The same goes for baking and making edible goodies. I know my childhood wouldn’t have been the same without making and decorating cupcakes with my grandma. As far as my experience has taught me there is one other things that little girls, and sometimes  even some of the younger blokes, enjoy. That is dancing. Be it showing off their newly learnt ballet/ break dancing moves or just jumping up and down like a nutter, any child hanging out with this over-sized kid is going to have an awesome time.

And that’s how I intend to awesomely suck at growing up.


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