Writer’s block

Writer’s block. The feared and deadly.

I suppose it’s my own fault for taking on the 30 day challenge though not officially with no real writing experience. I feel like I’ve done well fighting it so far. I’ve had my fair share of struggles balanced out with some easy-writes. All the word and place related ones were easy enough because I had a focus. Not to mention how easy it was to write a rant about the morons I continue to bump into on a regular basis. They still tick me off just thinking about them. Grrrrrr.

The ideas I tend to default to seem to be a little advice column-y. Generic teenage things, which tends not to be applicable to the lovely people of WordPress.

Sometimes reading the posts of other people helps establish a topic and other times it can just make me realise how little I know about my own blogging style. In the same way, occasionally music will help. And occasionally it can just be a perfect distraction. Curse you, you fickle beast of nice sounding-ness.

Short and sweet: I have nothing to write so I wrote this.



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