What’s indie?

During the short time that I have lived in this weird little word, the word “indie” has taken on some changes to it’s meaning. When I was younger I tended to relate it to the alternate kids in high school movies. Usually the musician or artist types that followed the rules but always managed to find loop-holes in which to express their individuality. Or dorks like Scott Pilgrim, and the much cooler Ramona Flowers. The kind of people that inspired and wrote some of the better college-rock songs in the late 90s or songs like “Scott Pilgrim” – Plumtree. They didn’t seem to try too hard, just rocking the jeans and some band tees. Very much like the characters from http://www.questionablecontent.net/It’s an awesome webcomic, go read it!

I’ve noticed when I mention “indie” now, people tend to associate it with the hipster crowd. The group of “old school indie” kids I mentioned earlier, you may have noticed, are very similar to the hipsters. They both enjoy alternate music, wearing band tees, finding loop-holes in rules and being of the musician/ artist variety. The main difference that I think separates the two is that “old-school” indie kids tend to be more in the traditional nerd swing of things. They are the fanboys that make the indie games that have become so popular. I find that hipsters tend to take themselves a weeeeee bit too seriously. You have *insert number* of likes on your instagram picture of coffee with a sepia filter? That’s nice. Care to explain why you feel the need to inform me of this when I happened to mention I blog? Dear hipsters, please don’t kill me.

Funny how meanings change.In the future I think I will adopt the “old school indie” phrase that I’ve been using to refer to indie kids as I fondly remember them. Possibly maybe thinking of calling the new generation “new school”. Should I or should I just refer to them as the “indie crowd”? Decisions decisions.


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