Give the grumpy a chance!

Fact: grumpy people are hilarious. Not the “I only got four hours of sleep” people, but the little grey clouds that float around our world, verbally destroying the idiots that inhabit it. These people have amused me since I was but a wee hobbit who’s main goal in life was to frolic and avoid walking into doors. The latter was less successful, though I do still enjoy a good frolic. Anyway, I find the grumpier among us rarely get the credit they deserve.

These glorious specimens of humanity tend to be intelligent, sarcastic, down to earth and amusingly witty. These are the people who make me cry laughing regularly with their dry humour. Similar to turtles, however, underneath their hard outer shells tends to be a soft squishy belly of emotions, sympathy and sweetness that could give some people a cavity. Shhh, don’t tell them I told you. They don’t like admitting to being total marshmallows.

A well known example is Slappy Squirrel from the Animanicas cartoon. She may be bitter, grouchy, violent and sarcastic but she would do just about anything for her nephew, Skippy, and that’s enough to make me feel a little warm and smooshy inside.

And so I say to the grumps out there: rock on, dudes! To the rest of you I say give the grumpy a chance. You never know, you might end up with a solid friendship out of it.


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