Nothing to wear

So today’s the day. The big night out you’ve been looking forward to. Only one thing stands in you way, ladies. What to wear? Sometimes this is not a problem. You’ve had your outfit planned out for days, along with the hair and makeup that go with it. Well done for you. You have managed to rock at this element of life.

But other times, as the clock ticks closer and closer, you begin to panic. Nothing to wear, nothing to wear, nothing to wear! An entire wardrobe full of mix and matchables, drawers full of bit and bobs and yet nothing catches your eye. Nothing seems right. It’s too dressy, not dressy enough, too dark, too light, too UGH. So you procrastinate. “If I wait long enough maybe an idea will come to me and it will solve all my problems” you think. You wait, time passes and still no salvation from the hole you’re in.

Then the fidgeting begins. What if you’re late? Being the last one to show up sucks because you missed so much. Especially at a restaurant. Every one is looking at you, asking where you’ve been, possibly complaining about how late you are. So much hassle.

In the last minute rush you throw any old something on and scramble to get out the door. Oh well, better luck next time.


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