Quirks are cool now

With the influx of nerds and geeks being cool in culture, there’s been another trend developing. Quirky women. Specifically, quirky attractive females who don’t follow the usual social norms all that closely. A little like the girl-next-door with a twist. I believe that Zooey Deschanel on New Girl, among others, recently cemented this image in the popular conscious, thought the idea itself has been growing in attractiveness for a while.

Now naturally, I can only speak from a female’s point of view, and a limited one at that, so take it with a pinch of salt. I like it. I know a lot of girls who were a little too weird for the menfolk as a whole before this gate opened. Yeah, sure, if they get to know you they’ll learn to love your quirks just like every romcom, think Meg Ryan flick, you’ve ever seen, right ladies? but the quirky bandwagon now lets you loosen up and show a little more of your dorky self to the world. Less trouble finding guys for the shyer ladies because now being shy can be classed as a quirk, and quirks are hot. Right boys? Think Jennifer Lawrence. Attractive + a little bit mad = sexy.

As a lady of many quirks and a sprinkling of madness I give this movement my blessing. Head forth ladies, and conquer with your kookiness!


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