Social-type ramblings

Have you noticed that whenever an individual’s problems seem vaguely similar to someone else’s, another person will decide it’s the fault of society? Stereotypes, stupid lawsuits, even stupider viral trends, and what I like to call “the mother wars” all seem to stem from this. None of this is directly connected to anything else I might say in this post, it’s just an observation.

Let’s talk about drunks. Some of you are so sweet you could give me a cavity after you’ve had a few. Some of you do the dumbest things imaginable. Some do brilliantly dumb things  guys in France steal a llama while drunk and take selfies with it. And then there are the select few that cause me to want to down several whiskeys in very few minutes. The loud ones. Look, I know you’re drunk I know you’re excited but MUST you screech across the bar like a wounded banshee? And gentlemen, please, please, do the guttural yell at a football match and not down my ear because you just got with some random girl. I need my ear drums, I like them, knock it off.

On a completely unrelated note, have you noticed that all the “scarier” alternate music groups, like punk and metal, contain some of the sweetest people? Sure, there are the extremists, but those exist in every part of reality. The metal fans are known for pulling females out of moshpits if they are struggling and I know some really awesome punk fans myself and am hopefully one. This also applies for the bikers that defended the funerals in America and the various other things they’ve stood up for, about which everyone seems surprised.

So, we conclude today with an obvious observation: there is good and there is bad in this weird world. Yes, cockroaches will survive with apocalypse, but so will Twinkies.


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