An update and my life as it stands

Yesterday commemorated my 30th day and 30th post so the challenge I set myself is over. Yay for me! I started blogging with a challenge to see if I would enjoy it. Whether finding topics and thoughts and trying to get them written down and publishing them for others to read is something I’d like to do. I did, so I’ll continue to blog.

Unfortunately I have Post Viral Syndrome, a tiredness illness similar to ME or Chronic Fatigue. Unlike the other two, however, I can get better but it’s also going to take me a while. Some people can recover in a month or two, for others it’s taken up to ten years! I’m not sure mine will stretch on that long but I do know that doing the student thing, with lectures and assignments, wears me out frequently on a regular basis. Sometimes handing an assignment in by the deadline is tough enough, let alone writing a blog to boot. So, I’m going to try a schedule.

I want to try and upload three times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That way I have the weekend off to recover and have my busier days in between when I’m due to have a post up. Seems smart right? Well, hopefully it’ll work but that’s just a theory so we’ll see how it goes. If I miss a post, please understand that I am a poorly person and I thank you for your understanding.

That’s all for now, sorry for the boring post but there had to be at least one or two of those during a crash course, right?


2 thoughts on “An update and my life as it stands

  1. So glad you’ve been enjoying blogging and I really think you should continue! but definitely don’t put any pressure on yourself when you don’t feel up to it – all of us readers can wait!! 😉

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