Jumping on the bandwagon (sort of)

Brace yourself, it’s another Valentines post.

I’m sure your browser is awash with Valentines things. Be it the overly sweet, covered in love hearts and roses kind, or the bitter “I hate everything about this holiday” sort. But today I give you my version: the Meh. Apathy towards a holiday? No! Never! You must have some kind of emotion! I hear you shouting at your computer screens. Yes, my dear friends it is true.

I never cared about the whole commercialised business thing that people seem to use as an excuse to justify being miserable for a day. I’m not saying you can’t be miserable, far be it for me to do such a thing, I enjoy a good rant. I’m just saying be dedicated to your craft. Be a miserable git everyday, not just when red and pink are the most hated colours of the day. As far as I can remember, it has always been marketed to the masses and seeing as that doesn’t personally affect me, I’ve never felt the need to moan about it.

My singledom was never as bad as other people’sĀ from what I can gather. So long as I have a close friend or two to rely on I’ve always been fine. Because while I would have loved someone to curl up with me for a nap or something else just as couple-y, I just want someone to be there. Anyone. That’s where that lovely people who put up with me come in. I’ve never felt the need to be in a relationship because I’ve always had someone to make me laugh or sympathise when something goes wrong. To me that’s more important, but who knows, maybe I’ll get more set on being in a relationship as I age.

On Valentine’s day I remember my mum telling me that she always used to give her dad a card. Which to me is very sweet and made me think. Does it have to be a couples day? My friends mean so much to me but they don’t get a day all about spending time with them.

And so I say to thee happy Valentine’s day, from me to you. Because you’re awesome and I love you.


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