Creatures of habit

We’ve all got our little habits that are usually harmless and occasionally irritate the people around us. I know one of mine is chewing my tongue, something I do when I’m concentrating. Drives my mum up the wall. Sometimes we know we’re doing it and other times we’ll be caught completely caught off guard when asked to knock it off.

These physical habits are sometimes not always our best friends, as in the case of Mrs Annabelle Bransford. She’s a character from the Mel Gibson movie Maverick, that I saw for the first time yesterday. In the film SPOILERS Mrs Bransford looses the final round of poker due to one of her habits, or “tells”, giving away her feelings on her hand.

Physical habits are usually easy enough to catch on to but it was drawn to my attention yesterday that people also have spoken habits. Now, I’m not talking about lisps or stutters here. I mean repeated words, phrases or even sentences that make regular appearances in conversations. It was pointed out that I describe myself as “emotional” on a regular basis. This, of course, could mean absolutely nothing. It was also suggested that this could perhaps be that I’m not overly comfortable with how I deal with my emotions and am trying to ask for advice or look for an opportunity to discuss it with someone. Which is something I’d never thought about or noticed before.

And so my lovelies, I pose this question to you to think about: Do you think you, or someone you know, might have any speech habits? If they do, do you think it might say something about them, like my friend seemed to believe, or do you think I might be thinking too much?

Today’s post was inspired by two rather different songs. One rather chill and possibly mildly depressing if you listen to the lyrics a little too closely “Creatures of Habit” – Electric Bonsai Band. The second a much louder, punk-ier and bouncier “Nevous Habits” – The Cute Lepers. Go check them out if you’re interested!


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