Trust and a pointless fact

Trust is a big deal for me. If I trust you, you’d better believe I would bow to you in the middle of the street and treat you like a princess if you asked yes, you too fellas because I would hope you would do the same for me.

When I was a slightly smaller version of myself trust exercises would scare me witless. I was betrayed once too many times as a young, naive innocent. Leaning back and landing on my butt because some moron thought it funny to move their arms and watch me drop. I know who you are. I hold grudges. Luckily I was always the odd one out on school trips so I always got paired with either the older student or teacher. This is the only reason I survived the abseiling and wall climbing we did on trips in high school.

Funnily enough, I still trust very easily but I won’t say that people haven’t fallen from grace due to abusing this. But today, I entrust this information to you; zenzizenzizenzic had 16 letters and is the name of the eighth power of a number… I think.


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