Hardly a music critic

Oh music, you and me, we got something special. You can help me focus, keep fit, or utterly distract me. You can comfort me and help me crawl out from my darkest, most depressing mood, or lift me up to the highest of joys.

Unfortunately sometimes you really let me down. Usually in a lyrical sense.

Lily Allen’s Hard Out Here is a prime example of this to me. I  love the sheer sass in the verses. It’s all the things we complain about in a fun, funky musical form despite the occasional non-rhyme but it’s ok, I forgive you. Yay! But then the chorus drops the ball completely. No Lily, don’t keep repeating “It’s hard out here for a bitch” or “A bitch. Bitch bitch” to music as the chorus! You were doing so well! You had earned my respect with witty observations and then immediately made me wonder what happened. Or maybe that’s just my feminism showing.

The other thing that kills me is when the lyrics are just inexcusable. I would here mention Will.I.Am but I might be disowned by a good friend of mine. I’m sorry, I have to do it anyway! It’s for the greater good i.e. my blog! No, wait, COME BACK! Ahem, anyway, I bring to your attention to the lack of emotion and seemingly the lack of effort, or at least lack of a professional writer, in Will.I.Am ft. Nicki Minaji’s Check It Out. This song was brought to my attention when a friend played it by accident while looking for their Lord Of The Rings soundtrack. I was drawn in by the Video Killed The Radio Star sample and wrongly assumed it might be a fun, daft pop-y track like the original. Sadly not.

Instead I was sorely disappointed with a weak rhyme and verse scheme, endless repetition, and a soulless chorus consisting of the most bored “Check it out” ever recorded and put to Itunes. Where is the life of this party that you’re supposedly attending? Not here, that’s for sure. Mostly catchy backing track though. I’d love to hear a more upbeat remix, not necessarily with these two very popular artists at the helm, however.

Yes, there are much worse songs out there but, music, you lied to me. I feel betrayed by the lack of fun to be had. Stupid catchy sample.


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