Stop in the name of the Law

Sometimes all you need in life is a girly day out and for a man to give in to the women in his life by wearing and buying a glorious unicorn jumper. I love it when that happens. Well, that and a Jude Law movie.

I never really cared much for movie stars until a couple of months ago. I mean, yes, I have busted countless eardrums by waffling on endlessly about Heath Ledger, but rarely for his acting skills. Nor did I stalk around looking for all the other films he has featured in. He had a pretty face and body, so sue me, I’m shallow.

But since I started watching movies more often, musicals, comedies or otherwise, it suddenly clicked that I enjoy certain actors for a variety of reasons and will recognise and be drawn to their work. I only recently realised that Gene Kelly was my crush before I even knew what a crush was, so please do not judge the revelation too harshly.

Jude Law is one of the biggest on this scene second only to my main man Kelly and in around 2 months he suddenly seems to have appeared in a whole bunch of things I want to watch. Including, but not limited to, Rise of The Guardians and Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow. Mmm Jude Law in 1930s pilot gear. To me he’s a fangirl’s dream; attractive, seems like a very nice and likeable guy, and has a lovely voice I could listen to it for hours. Which is weird because for years I wouldn’t have been able to tell you who he was.

I’m not sure what it is that has changed the amount of attention I gave film stars. Age? Taste? My constant love of man-candy? Who knows. The only thing I do know is that I am going to have to watch Rise of The Guardians soon or I may explode.


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