Flatmates and entertainment

So, living in a flat with randomly selected people means that I had no idea what to expect when I moved in in September. I didn’t know what kinds of views they would have, what kinds of things they liked, whether I’d be unable to take them seriously because of the way that they phrase things or anything. To this day I still don’t know what to expect from our conversations half of the time. Sometimes I think they have a hat, inside of which are slips of paper with wildly varied topic ideas written on them.

Here’s a perfect example: I walked into the kitchen to make dinner this evening to find two of my flatmates having a deep philosophical conversation about a theory on life. The theory in question being, and I directly quote from the source herself who we shall name flatmate #1, that “If you don’t have a telly, you have to pop out kids because there’s nothin’ else to do”. Magical. How did she come to this conclusion? By deducing that this is the very reason why poorer families, or families in Africa let’s say, often have more children. Because they can’t afford a tv. GENIUS. I don’t know why no one ever thought of this! Oh, wait, yes I do.

Somehow, following that jarring opener of a “social observation” more of her words was a conversation about conjoined twins. How is that linked? I honestly couldn’t tell you. Even if I mapped out the entire conversation for you. I haven’t a single clue. Scooby Doo and the entire gang couldn’t figure this one out, not even with an unlimited box of Scooby Snax and Velma at the top of her game.

I have given up trying to give logical answers to these types of conversations and instead just tend to roll with it. When the only guy in the room (flatmate #2) compares giving birth to twins as “pulling out a string of sausages” you kind of have to. It does often make me want to sit down with something alcoholic and delicious and try and educate them in the most entertaining way possible i.e. confusing them by discussing some complex chunk of science or by bombarding them with weird facts and grossing them out a little. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable past time. I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys watching the reactions of others.


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