“Dear diary…”

Life decided to catch up with me this week. Among the ever-rarer social events two in one week, I was spoilt, dealing with a bucket full of people problems is most of what’s kept me busy. I am considering becoming a hermit at this point. Though I’m not sure if it’s against the hermit’s handbook to hangout on the internet, where there is constantly a bunch of people, as a way to use all of my newly acquired free time. But it’s either that or I take up basket-weaving, and I’d much prefer the former.

Recent neglect of blogging type duties is due to the fact that my computer currently runs at the speed of sludge. Well, that and the fact that Chrome has been crashing more often than a student doing a second all-nighter in a row with no caffeine. A terrifying thought. I’ve been promising myself I’d look for  a new one for god-knows how long now, but that requires turning the accursed thing on in the first place.

In the absence of having a computer that can load anything faster than it takes me to cook cheap-and-nasty packet noodles, I began faffing around with my new Kindle. This may or may not have contributed to my vanishing act. If it happens again, send help. I can’t fight the lure of an interesting read for long alone. I’m sure you understand.


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