Help! A book ate my brain!

Sounds like a terrible 80s horror B-movie title doesn’t it? But it’s a pretty accurate summary of my relationship with reading. Reading is my form of escapism, I can lose myself to a book easier than any film.

Getting me to do anything other than finish the good book I’m reading is more difficult than creating a sentient AI encased in Dodo feathers. Not happening. At least not without a lot of time, energy, grumbling and cursing involves. Not all by me. If a book is intriguing enough to keep me reading then you can bet your butt it’s all I will think about until I’ve finally finished the thing.

I stopped reading completely for a while. My social life had picked up its game and I had other things to do and worry about. A while ago I took up reading again but this time shifted more into reading graphic novels. With the winning of my Kindle I laughed myself back into reading novels with the handy dandy free samplers. These free samples may or may not have caused me to dig into my bank account in order to purchase the whole thing, making me wonder if letting me have this little device was the best idea. Probably not but oh well, it’s something to do!


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