90s Retribution

The 90s are back, ladies and gentlemen, and it brought Nirvana t-shirts! Yes, the 90s are back and in a big way. I was only 5 when the 90s ended but certain trends are all too familiar to me. I grew up in the aftermath when the 2000s were trying to become it’s own distinctive thing. So while certain elements of the 90s aren’t exactly nostalgic to me, they certainly ring a bell.

I had an inkling that the 90s would be the next target of the fashion industry after the 80s boom of all things neon a few years back. I’m ashamed to say I still have a neon pink tutu in the back of my wardrobe somewhere. I knew the revival had arrived when I spotted a Run-D.M.C and a “Parental advisory explicit content” jumper in Primark. The boy bands should have been my first clue. Not to mention the massive re-boot of supposedly evil Furbies. What were they meant to be in the first place? Owls crossed with Gremlins?

Anyway, a few other things tipped me off to the re-incarnation of when the most apathetic generation of teens roamed the earth. The sudden wave of hideous print shirts were a big clue. Anything from the most stereotypical of Hawaiian shirts, to the knotted off at the midriff kind and the eye-searingly bright oversized ones, I’ve seen ’em all. And crop tops. Floral or sporty, someone in the higher-ups has been channeling their nostalgia into the high street stores. The comeback of tinted and round lenses falls into this category too, though I’ve yet to actually see anyone wearing a coloured pair. Jelly shoes have risen from the dead to hop on the trend train too, much to my dismay and disgust. Now they come in heel or flats for more chances of sweaty slide-y feet! Bleh. They gave me blisters as a kid and I’m sure as hell not going to make that mistake again.

Indie is big, grunge is in and someone found a bargain bin of hideous fabrics. Brace yourselves, the teen movies are coming.

How many do you remember?
How many do you remember?

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