Friday Recap

I could think of nothing better than to share with you the details of my week. I am too frustrated with a mysterious vanishing bracelet I was working on to be more creative with this, I appologise. Probably not the best idea to leave an easily distracted and forgetful woman in front of a desk of dismantled jewellery. Or maybe that’s just me.

It’s still Asbestos Awareness week so I have been regurgitating the facts I learnt during my research for Wednesday’s post (see here: ). The reactions to some of them are very interesting, as well as the reaction to Heather’s story and the fact that Asbestos is still partially legal in America. Scary stuff.

Today I visited my favourite spot in Preston other than the glorious Avenham park, the Mystery Tea House. Goodness, I love that place. This week I discovered two new things; 1. Cactus juice is delicious and I want to marry it and 2. There is a tea roughly ten times as strong as coffee. Yerba Maté, which I like an idiot pronounced Yerba MATE After taking a french a level you’d THINK I’d have learnt something about “e”s with an accent. This glorious little drink should be given to students everywhere doing all-nighters, though I can’t promise that one or two might not run away with the metal straws you have to drink it through. I was shaking from a caffeine overload after having one! Cactus juice on the other hand is light, refreshing, green and delicious. It has become my official summer drink.

I’ve kickstarted my jewellery making back into gear after a promise from a friend to help me with the business side of things because, while I currently have a facebook page, it is shockingly unorganised and unfinished. The jewellery making was the reason my post is so late. I told you I’m easily distracted.


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