It’s been one week since you look at me (dah dah)

Last week was a bit of a nightmare. A good thing ended too soon, I spent far too long in a car to visit family, not to mention the general stress and chaos of coming home for Easter. If I ever learn the secret to never forgetting to pack anything, it won’t be a moment too soon.

Don’t get me wrong, some good things happened too. I got to see my younger cousins down in Brighton, I’ve been getting my fill of the Food Network, my staple channel when I’m home (I can watch it allllll day, much to the irritation of my mum), and I got to wander around Brighton’s pier and seafront and ended up with a sunburnt nose for my trouble.

This week went much smoother despite the issues with one of our lecturers. I’ve spent it relaxing and playing puzzle games. Normally I get frustrated and give up pretty quickly but I have found the one. A fit-the-pieces-into-the-shape game that I have completely forgotten the name of and omygoodness I could play it forever! Can you tell I’ve not had a very eventful week?

Coming back to my hometown made me realise just how small and limited it is. Sure, we have a shopping park with places like M&S, Tesco and Poundland, but on the flipside the company that supported our local swimming pool went bust so the building has been completely closed down. The only thing to do here is go charity shop shopping, go to the beach or go somewhere else! It makes me miss Preston, where I could go and kill time in the park or at the tea house. It’s nice to be home to see family and friends however. Oh, and to wash my stuff and not have to cook. Student bonus.


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