Getting all excited about planning

Planning something is half the fun of an event in my humble opinion. It’s where all the excitement lives and breeds, with a little dash of nerves on the side for company.

This currently applies to my undying excitement and planning of my living accommodations for next September. Since we signed the contact for our four person flat in mid-December, I have been unable to not think about it. No matter what else happens, I always have the flat to plan for.

I’ll be living with three other gorgeously lovely people. My mental best friend, her lovely gentleman, and an oh-so-sweet guy from my course. And boy-howdy do we have big plans!

We’ve discovered that our particular landlords are a little more lenient on the rules than some, so next year flat 12 will be having a hamster! Being dorks, we decided to name the poor creature Wolverine. Because when you think of hamsters, you naturally think of big, buff, grouchy Australians played by the gorgeous Hugh Jackman. The ever-so gorgeous and charming Hugh Jackman. Sigh…

Thanks to the lovely lady of our flat no, not myself, though I’m flattered you though so! who will be working all summer, we’ll have lots of bits and bobs to make the place feel like home. A tv, an xbox, a PS2 (mine), a mismatching tea set from the tea house, and lots of posters and door signs. Oh, and an incredibly eclectic sound track. Awww yeaaaah, I’m excited.


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