One of those days…

I’ve had lots of those days recently. You know the ones. Days that just don’t go to plan and frustrate the living day lights out of you. My favourite example being the day that my dog ate BOTH of my Easter eggs and the accompanying chocolate.

I’ve found the easiest way for me to deal with those kind of days, other than by ingesting liquid of the alcoholic variety, is to do something craft related. Usually I’d focus on my jewellery, as it’s intricacy trying not to drop the damned elastic while tying a knot causing the beads to spray everywhere makes me dedicate my thoughts to it. The epoxy experiments do this ten fold as I don’t want to end up like a friend of mine who got stuck to his chair.

I didn’t take my jewellery stuff home with me over Easter because there is SO much of it, so instead I started work on some other projects I’ve been meaning to do. My main project in the works is knitting the fourth doctor’s scarf. Considering I haven’t knitted since I was about eleven, at the oldest, a slightly bumpy start was to be expected. Yes, there’s a lumpy bit here and there, or I dropped a stitch and had to ask my ever-patient mum to fix it (thanks mum!) but as far as things go, it’s looking pretty good. The main issue with it is the fact that I’m being surprisingly picky about the colours I’ll be using. Finding a cream that isn’t too light is surprisingly difficult. Heaven help me and any idiot daft enough to try and marry me in the distant future…


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