What first year taught me

By passing my final exam with flying colours, my first year is over! What a rollercoaster. Over these hectic, yet thoroughly enjoyable months here, I have learnt many things.

For one, the phrase “never judge a book by it’s cover” is missing a word; solely. People forever judge each other, that’s just how the people in this world have been trained. But, there is no need to judge a person solely by their looks or first impression on you. Sure, that girl look like she goes out every night, she quite possibly does, but stereotypes aren’t always true. Go over and talk to her. If nothing else you’ll get to hear some brilliant stories and learn where NOT to go on a night out.

There are always people who are better at you than something and worse than you. Quit stressing about how you didn’t understand what half of that lecture was about, neither did the other half of the class. Band together and ask for clarification, yah dunce.

Being broke doesn’t mean you have to eat badly. It just means that you get a lot more use out of simple carbs, such as rice or pasta, and salad. Salad is your best friend. Salad goes with everything and if you add the holy tastiness that is cheese, then you have a healthy, fairly balanced meal. This doesn’t mean you can’t have takeout on occasion, however.


If you start your work early and do it in chunks daily, you won’t be drowning by the end of semester. Make notes early, type up chunks, go to the library very shortly after getting the assignment, and don’t be afraid to hand it in early if you believe you’ve done all you can. There is nothing wrong with these things, don’t fear them.

Other tidbits include; it’s perfectly acceptable to do things like go to the Tea House or Manchester on your own, always befriend those older than you because they’ve all ready been through what you’re feeling and again know where to go and where to avoid for a cheeky drink, going to sleep at normal hours is acceptable despite what you have been told, and sometimes it’s easier just to buy new clothes instead of washing your old ones. You can justify the last one by claiming they needed replacing anyway.


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