To Quiz-finity And Beyond!

Which Order of the Phoenix character are you? What kind of alcohol are you? What colour best describes your inner personality? You know you’ve seen all sorts of variations on these pointless quizzes. Designed to waste the time of people floating around on the internet and appeal to their admiration, attraction and endearment towards certain people, styles or things.

Recently I’ve noticed an influx of these choking up my Facebook news feed along with an increase in people spawning mini-mes. Most of them strike me as pretty dense, the personality colour one for example, but once in a while one will catch my eye and will intrigue me enough to waste a minute or two picking from multiple choices. And so for you, I will answer these three quizzes that have appeared multiple times on my feed. Why three? Because I’m too lazy to find more and the Game of Thrones one isn’t applicable as I haven’t watched the show/ read the books.

The Order of the Phoenix one, to begin with. I quite like the Harry Potter series and quite enjoy the world and a number of the characters. Lavender Brown and the movie’s Ginny Weasley excluded. To my initial surprise and quickly followed delight, according to this particular quiz I am Molly Weasley. Molly did always remind me of my mum and they do say that daughters grow up to be like their mothers…

One of the more ridiculous answers I stumbled across was in the “what kind of alcohol are you?” quiz. I don’t know what I was expecting as an answer but it most definitely was not “beer”. Ale, cider, whiskey, absinthe, all fine. BEER? I don’t even LIKE beer! I think I have been offended by a quiz. That’s new.

All right, last and certainly not least the ridiculous “what colour best describes your inner personality?”. The answer? Red. Oh good, I like red. All ready we are doing better than the boozy quiz. Blah blah blah “fire burning deep inside”…. “no fear of showing emotions” damn straight…. “energetic and passionate”…. “no off switch”….. Huh…. OI! I do too have an off switch you cheeky thing! “This drive will take you far in life”. Oh lovely.
Well that was anti-climactic.

And there you have it ladies and gents. I am Molly Weasley, drinking a beer, dressed in red. Now that’s an image I’d have never thought of otherwise.


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