The Dude

Sometimes when you step out of your front door you will meet the most interesting people. My personal favourite example of this? Yesterday, I met what appears to be the real-life incarnation of The Dude!

Yesterday, I felt much less tired than I have done for a long while so I decided to take the dogs, Scrappy and Rocky, on a nice long walk down to the sea front. It’s about a half an hour walk from my home down to the beach and it was lovely sunny afternoon so I took my time and grabbed a coffee on my way. While meandering along the sea front I saw a very interesting looking person.

From a distance I thought he looked rather like a pirate with his long hair, loose white cotton shirt, and long brightly coloured scarf draped around his neck. For some reason, the dogs started barking and pulled me over to him. Once we started talking they stopped and stood very patiently, which was rather odd. I noticed, now that he was closer that he had knotted the end of his beard and had clearly been scouring the beach as he was carrying some seaweed and charcoal. The latter was sadly getting all over his lovely shirt.

He reminded me of The Dude in his manner. He was very relaxed, open and friendly in his manner. He spoke to me as an equal even though I must be sixty years his junior, easily. He just seemed like a really cool guy to be around and he liked my leather pencil skirt!. The oddest thing about our encounter was that I am an English Language student and he is an Etymology, the origin and history of words, professor in Ireland. Even when I come home for the summer I STILL can’t escape from language professors! We talked about everything from rescue dogs and tattoos, to nuclear science and his research and publications.

So, I guess the lesson I learnt was don’t be afraid to go outside and talk to people. You might meet someone truly amazing! This applies the guys I met back in Preston to. Looks like I might have an interesting summer after all!


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