A Wonderful Weekend

A very enjoyable, if tiring, weekend was had this past week. I filled my face until I was sick and had great time. Mostly due to my man coming down to visit from Preston!

The face filling began on Friday evening after Alex arrived. My dad has a habit of making portions that are far too big for the amount of people there. This is especially true of barbecues and pizza nights. Four and a half huge, heavily-topped pizzas were consumed between the five of us. Once our pizza feast had concluded I introduced Alex to Kevin Bacon’s bromance and montage of dancing in tight clothing, otherwise know as Footloose. Oh you 80s movies, will you never cease to amuse with your now dated clothing and plots?

On Saturday, I surprised Alex by taking him to the Steam fair. It was HUGE! They had both the full sized and miniature traction engines, a vintage car show, a car boot, and every notable generation of fire engines and army vehicles on show. Alex decided on his retirement plans of building a miniature traction engine at the ripe old age of twenty one no less and I bought myself a vintage foraging cap. The four doughnuts on top of a huge picnic I ate did not agree with me. Other than that, it was a little too cloudy to get sunburnt so I dodged that bullet and for dinner we had a buffet of choices to cook on our flat top thing. It was delicious and I ate far more than is healthy or wise for me.

This is Helen, our favourite
This is Helen, our favourite

Alex was to leave on Sunday afternoon, so to say farewell for now, I held a tea party! There was only the four of us, including myself. We broke out the old willow pattern tea set and broke in the new teapots. Finger sandwiches and the best Victoria sponge I have ever made ruled the table as we sat in the back garden sunning ourselves.

I am currently very busy giving my jewellery business a make-over in preparation for the alternate market I will be attending in September. It will be hosted by my good friends over at The Haberdash. If you are within travelling distance you should come down!


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