My Kryptonite

Everyone has that one thing they just can’t resist. The kryptonite that logic dictates they don’t actually need but causes something in them somewhere to bounce around like a puppy begging for a walk. For me, this thing is cheese.

Not just any cheese of course, but some variation of mature/ extra mature/ extra strong cheddar. Mmmmm~ On it’s own or with crackers, there is just something about the sharp tang of some good old cheddar that gives me goosebumps and makes me a little warm and fuzzy on the inside.

You can have cheese at any time of day. Morning, noon or night. Cheese on toast can also be eaten at any time of day, contrary to popular opinion. It is delicious and undoubtedly one of my stable foods in uni along with pasta, salad, and chicken. Perhaps not the healthiest option but it does quell the midnight munchies rather well.

And so, as my dad and I say: “We get the cheese. The creamy creamy cheesy cheese”.


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