The Worst Band Ever

No, drummer, no name, no vocalist and no practice space. Worst. Band. Ever.

But it’s a start.

Being in a band is part of the teenage dream I think. Part longing to be a rich and famous celebrity, part being recognised for your talent which you may or may not actually possess and part for the cool factor. Everyone knows rock bands are cool. So, naturally, if you are in a  successful rock band, then you are automatically cool. That’s how it works, right? In theory at least.

I’ve wanted to start a band for fun since high school but sadly, I was just about the only person in my friend group able to pay an instrument. And by play I mean roughly keep time while wondering how on earth I always end up with fret buzz despite my best efforts.

Several years and a great shift in the force later, three other nutballs decided they’d like to play music together. So far we have; an electric rhythm guitarist, yours truly; on keyboard, the lovely miss Beth; generously lending us his talents when he’s not playing with his other band Side Effects Included, Michael on bass; and on lead acoustic guitar is surfer-dude Matty. I’m currently trying to convince my dad to clear out the garage so that we have somewhere to practice our chosen “let’s get to know how we play as a group” song Fall Back Down – Rancid. Which sounds a little like this:


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