The Book Nook: Louisiana Longshot

Last September I won myself a Kindle Fire. With this little piece of technology you can download free samples and even whole books to read. This opened up a whole new doorway for my reading habits as I had been meaning to start reading more. The sampling ability allowed me to explore less well known American authors that I never would have discovered otherwise. One such example is Jana DeLeon, author of Louisiana Longshot.

Louisiana Longshot is the first in the Miss Fortune series. Set in the less than ordinary town of Sinful, Louisiana, the story follows the downright dangerous escapades of CIA agent Fortune Redding and her two elderly cohorts. After a bounty, complete with vendetta, was placed on her head, Fortune was taken off-grid and given a new cover as Sandy-Sue. The only problem being her cover was a complete mismatch to her and a murder was discovered right in her back garden! With the aid of two less than naive grey-hairs Fortune must solve the case yo save a friend AND keep her cover from being blown. Simple right? Not in a town where banana pudding rules all and the residents are beyond unusual.

What did I think? Well, I really enjoyed it. So much so that I bought the sequels too! I always wanted to be the tough girl on campus, being far too soft and squishy for my own good. It satisfied that part of me pretty well. It was like reading what Laura Croft might get up to if she had a personality and two old ladies to work with. Reading about Fortune’s inability to be girlie (or a civilian) made me feel much better about my own feminine shortcomings. Nothing overly challenging in the thinking department but a nice read for the summer time. Great fun!


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