We’re back!

We’re Back: A Dinosaur Story is a children’s film I have mixed feelings on. But that’s not what I’m here for. I am here because I’m back from Greece!

As always, Crete was awesome. The sun, the sea, the food, the people, the shopping. FABULOUS! We went to some new places including the Cret@quarium which had turtles AND sharks. So, it is now among my favourite places to go, naturally. Mum did not like the sharks. This amuses me. They looked kind of awesome to me. I did notice that they appear to be made out of what looks like old leather. I wonder what they feel like….

We, sans sibling yay peace!, also visited a gorgeous little taverna. Just outside the city of Rethymno on the side of a mountain is the lovely Thavma taverna. It is only small and a little out of the way, but boy is it worth it! The salad and coffee and cake and candied lemon and Raki were delicious. The view is incredible! I could have happily sat here all day.

Holy smokes, Batman!
Holy smokes, Batman!

When we arrived in Crete it felt like we had all ready been there a week, but when it came time to leave it felt like our holiday had just begun. Odd. Or perhaps more wishful thinking. Oh well, it’s nice to be back. Even if only for my friends and internet connection. Oh how I have missed you!


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