This one goes out to-

The one I love? The friends I never had? Actually this one goes out to a friend I DO have and one that I love.

Meet Miss Demi Toulalan.

This is a picture from our 6th form leaver's do
Isn’t she pretty?

A lady of many hair colours, love interests, follower of fashion and fellow blogger (you will find it here), she can hold more liquor than me without trying. If I ever need gossip on someone or a hilarious story to be told to me because I have no real life of my own this is the woman I turn to. We’ve had some good times together, including but not limited to; trying to bake a cake and getting distracted by roasting marshmallows over the gas hob, building sand castles and feasting on gummybears at the beach, and attending my critically acclaimed parties.

I just wanted to say thank you, Dem, for all the good times and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a good one!


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