Move over Mrs Beeton!

I am quite a fan of Mrs Beeton. The woman was made famous for her delicious recipes in her household management book and for creating the longest list of picnic necessities in recent history. She was a cookery goddess in the eyes of many, like Delia Smith but with more Victorian and less 80s.

Following in Mrs Beeton’s and indeed dear old Delia’s footsteps, I have recently been engaging in the fine art of cooking meals that don’t consist of cheese on toast or surviving on pasta salad alone. However, my meals don’t take much inspiration from our lovely ladies of luscious lunches but instead from the Med.

Mediterranean cuisine is my favourite, right before Chinese and Indian. I’ve noticed a sharp increase in my use of lemon juice in my cooking, partially due to reading a tip that said “every dish should have an underlying sharper bite”. Tomato and garlic have always been family favourites so there’s no surprise there. The surprise comes in my quickly escalating use of herbs. Rosemary, Thyme, Basil and Oregano have been added to just about everything as of late. And everything has been delicious. So hooray for learning!

My new best friends!
My new best friends!

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