Deja Vu Dream

Recurring dreams are nothing new. They’re the staple of psychological thrillers and are often linked to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety. But the dream I had last night was not this. It reminded me more an experience of deja vu. Elements of the dream seemed familiar to me such as the setting and… plot, for lack of a better word. But some of the faces that appeared seemed to differ from who I thought they should be.

Part of the interestingness of this dream and it’s seeming familiarity is what the majority of it was about; faking my own death. I don’t remember much of the dream other than I was trying to escape a male admirer (who I believe was the head of some gang or group or something or other) with the aid of my own companions. We enter a building and he was closing in on my location. I was trying to climb into a ceiling vent when I fell. Uninjured but running out of time my only option was to lay perfectly still. As my male admirer walked in the person closest to me made a show of covering my body with a sheet, as is commonly done in movies with a corpse. The only problem? The guy refused to leave! In the dream he even at one point hugged me and I had to hold my breath so he wouldn’t feel me moving.

I never did get a resolution to the dream as I woke up as one of my female friend was talking about me with Captain persistent sat RIGHT NEXT TO ME. But I did get the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while so…. Deja vu dreams are surprisingly restful! I think…


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