Mystical, Magical and Master of the Quiz

To me, Stephen Fry is one of those mystical magical creatures. Similar to fairies, unicorns and the Doctor when you’re a child, he seems too magical to not be real.

Stephen Fry has always been there to me. Whether this is because of my parents having a very British sense of humour as I was growing up or just by the virtue of being born in the UK, I can not pin down the exact time I first saw Stephen Fry’s work. A fact which makes me a little sad. What I can tell you for sure is that he greatly shaped my preferences when it comes to humour. I love a dry sense of humour and word play, two things Stephen Fry is very good at. His documentaries were nothing to sniff at either. His clear, clipped British tones rival that of the other famous British documenter, Sir David Attenborough.

His ability to be intelligent and endearing, and yet incredibly silly earn him the top spot on my list of favourite people to ever exist. Right next to David Tennant.

An inspiration to many, loved by all, and incredibly talented, he truly doesdeserve to be our national treasure.

On a completely unrelated note, I have been watching an awful lot of Blackadder and QI. I also stumbled across this brilliant little documentary about the relationship between my man, Stephen Fry, and the wonderful Hugh Laurie:


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