The Book Nook: Front Page Fatality


Another Kindle purchase, Front Page Fatality, written by LynDee Walker, indulges in the “girl power” trope of being feminine but totally kick-ass.

Nichelle Clarke is the crime reporter for the Telegraph newspaper in Richmond, Virginia.  Lover of designer high heels and complicated puzzles, she finds herself neck-deep in a case of police corruption and missing evidence. Her life becomes even more complicated when one of her co-workers puts the on pressure to try and nab her job, and with the appearance of gorgeous but dangerous Joey. The deeper she goes, the more dangerous it gets. Exciting and engaging , we follow Nichelle down the rabbit hole. Where things are not quite what they may seem.

LynDee Walker’ s time as a journalist clearly displays itself in her writing. Her knowledge of all the behind the scenes elements add to the realism of the story, drawing the reader into Nichelle’ s world. I found Nichelle herself engaging. She reminds me of the women I grew up admiring. Attractive and concerned with her wardrobe but driven and intelligent, proving that you don’t have to be one or the other.

I enjoyed the challenge of the case although when the mystery perp was unmasked, I realised I didn’t have make quite the right guess. It is a mark of good writing that I was not made to feel stupid or disappointed by this fact. As was the tension and adrenaline I felt on Nichelle’s behalf during the climactic third of the book.

Front Page Fatality is an easy and engrossing read that tempted me into buying several of its sequels to follow Nichelle’s quest for glory and truth. Give it a chance and check it out!


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