Let The River Flow

Due to a recent spike in energy and positive re-enforcement, I have been feeling incredibly creative. Crafting, sewing, drawing, you name it I’ve wanted to do it! I have even considered embroidery, something I’ve been too afraid to try for years for fear of damaging the piece. I’ve even developed a stronger connection with music, playing it more often in the background or even just sit and enjoy it with no other distractions.

The biggest creative pursuit that has been calling to me as of late is writing. I’ve always enjoyed writing but suffer from classic impostor syndrome. I have always felt that after I was unable to continue reading, the quality of my writing dropped. After all, who doesn’t love a big vocabulary, am I right? Accordingly, I have started a writing inspiration board on Pinterest with writing prompt, words of interest, and writing exercises. One of the most interesting exercises I stumbled across was to write 25 lines all beginning with the same colour. So, I gave it ago and got some really cool results! I liked this exercise that I tried it two other times with different colours. I chose green, yellow, and purple as my inspiration. Here are some of my favourites:

  1. Green danced with Blue, coyly glancing at Red who stood across the room.
  2. Green smoke spilled from the cigar, twisting upwards to cover the ceiling in a mossy obscuring cloud.
  3. Yellow sunflowers reached high above their heads, seeming to stretch ever upwards towards to the cloudless sky.
  4. Yellow cloaked the young woman as she ran through the rainy streets, desperate in her grief, to find the place she had loved.
  5. Purple light was scattered across the room by the mosaic patterned lantern, soothing the rampage of the small, bewildered creature.
  6. “Purple, the famous musician, who once calmed the sea itself, united the people, and who’s music was so beautiful and aching the sky cried ending the years of drought?!”

Now I can’t stop creating these little single line stories or even crafting a short descriptive piece!


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