Starfish And Coffee

I have a habit I find both soothing and highly irritating. If I get a song or vignette stuck in my head I will go back to it over and over again, and return to it multiple times during the day. Quite a common affliction. Where it becomes interesting is the influence of Youtube. I spend rather a lot of time on the site as it’s were I watch most of my entertainment and listen to a wide variety of music. If I see the thumbnail of the track I’m stuck on or the title of the item in my search box, I HAVE to watch it. It’s a compulsion I struggle to control.

My current item of choice is Prince’s performance of Starfish and Coffee on the Muppets after a drunken crying listening binge-spree. As I have always known him primarily for his music and his notoriously tight control of his image and copyright suits, I never really went looking for live performances or tv appearances. It’s been refreshing and comforting to see that video of him. Of course, my reaction to that clip sent me off down the rabbit hole of interview clips and performance videos. He was amazing. I am truly saddened by the fact I will never get to see him live, to experience that magical environment he created when he sang. The connection he made with the audience members was tangible. I still miss him dearly. He will always be my Mother’s favourite artist to me, even though her tastes have now changed. I was raised on his music, his energy, his charisma, and creativity. He is and always will be both inspiring and imposing with what he created and achieved. Rock on, my purple one.


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