Extrovert Exhaustion

Alliteration aside, extrovert exhaustion is annoying. I have Chronic Fatigue, I am lucky mine improves every year, but Christmas 2016 marked my six year anniversary with the illness and I was not a happy bunny. Before I fell ill I was a fairly active person: I had dance class once a week, attempted to attend badminton just as often (with mixed results), I started rock climbing, that sort of thing. I did, like a majority of teenagers, also spend an unhealthy amount of time on the internet, but that’s beside the point. Point being I enjoyed being active, no matter how much I complained to the contrary.

These days, having a healthy social life and trying to keep on top of my uni work is enough to drain me of a standard week. I do attempt to get out of the house but more often than not it’s a once-every-three-days deal. Until this week: Easter break. I’m visiting my boyfriend, who has a full-time job, in Doncaster. I have never been before, and am not familiar with. I am also taking a break after my exam. This is leading to a very bored extrovert. I know no one in the area and my anxiety and CFS have been limiting how willing I am to go outside. Thus, I am suffered from Extrovert Exhaustion. This is a burnout state many extroverts experience if they do not get enough social time. It is similar to the more commonly know introvert exhaustion: low moods, lethargy, a want/need for change from the environment the person is currently in.

Normally, I don’t suffer from this too much. During term-time, I with with a very chatty nursing student. Over breaks I visit my parents. My mother is often around and only works part-time. Failing absolutely everything, I can usually track down one of my parent’s dogs, my cat, or a bored acquaintance to hassle. Not so currently. And it’s driving me out of my tree. I may need to screw up the courage to see what Doncaster has in store for me today; I ran out of webcomic to read.


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