An introduction

Sooooo, yes. I appear to have been conned into beginning a blog as my friends are more socially adept on the internet than I am. Ladies, this one is for you. Now you must suffer reading some of the slightly bonkers drivel I come out with rather than just letting it go in one ear and out the other.
To those of you who are new and have yet to make my charming acquaintance, hello! It’s a pleasure to meet you, you glorious creature! I suppose telling you a little about me would help, wouldn’t it? I’m currently a fresher in university studying English Language a pointless degree, I know, but I’d like to teach it and I’m a bit of a grammar nerd. I enjoy music, hearing about people’s lives, being sarcastic and having nonsensical conversations/arguments. I dwell on the internet doing the traditional scrolling-until-all-hours thing and saying things like “I could do that” and then forgetting whatever-it-was’ existence entirely.  I don’t know an awful lot about blogging but I do waffle quite a lot so I should fit in fine, right?




3 thoughts on “An introduction

  1. Welcome to blogging! Honestly I try to not worry too much about what I post in my blog, or if anyone really reads it. I blog mostly for myself. It gives me a place to just dump things that are on my mind, or that I find interesting. Don’t be too critical of yourself.

    Also, good luck with school! My second semester starts Wednesday!

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